Police arrest two in air conditioner thefts

Police arrested two people in Windsor Park on suspicion of stealing at least four air-conditioning units from Cayman Contractors on Crewe Road.

The Thursday arrests come in the wake of the 16 June theft of 32 units – worth between $18,000 and $20,000 – from the Crewe Road store in a late-night theft that, according to owner Mark Hennings, took place during the three hours between 10pm and 1am.

Police said on Thursday officers from the George Town Criminal Investigation Department had executed a search warrant, visiting “an address” in the Windsor Park area.

“As a result of this search warrant, four air-conditioning components were recovered, which were suspected of being stolen from the Cayman Contractors building on Shamrock Road,” the police said in a press release.

Officers arrested a 29-year-old male and a 42-year-old female on suspicion of burglary and 
handling stolen goods. Both were interviewed and released on bail “pending further inquiries”, according to the release.

Mr. Hennings said he was delighted to hear the news and looked forward to recovering the units, although he was uncertain of their condition or if he would be able to make good on the original loss.

“Hopefully, the woman will talk under pressure,” he said, enabling police to resolve the problem.

“I hope so, because this problem is going to spoil so much. I know where we’re going with this,” he said, pointing to a mounting incidence of metal and equipment thefts throughout Grand Cayman. “You’ll have bars on every window and security everywhere. It drives up the cost of doing business and makes things more expensive for everybody.

“In the end it’s a vicious cycle and it just goes round and round,” he said

While police declined to elaborate, Mr. Hennings said he had learned that CCTV cameras in Windsor Park’s Anthony Drive had recorded footage of a pickup truck late on 16th June entering the area.

“It’s nice to see the police getting the job done,” he said.


  1. Stealing from others is not new on Cayman. I’ve been a victim many times.From air conditioners, TV’s, satelite dishes, computers etc. This is not the island it was once. Why must we tolerate this total disregard for others. The police sadly can’t seem to stop all the many crimes here. Why are the police not finding these people and prosecuting. This is not the kind of P.R. Cayman needs.

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