Buzz swarming for Kings crown

Kings Sports Centre is keeping football lovers busy with a pair of summer leagues. 

Its recreational indoor coed and men’s five-a-side football leagues are taking place throughout the week. The coed competition began in May, with matches on Sunday afternoons and is slated to wrap up this month. 

Kings assistant director Andre Morgan said the competition has improved over the last few weeks. 

“The level of play has certainly developed,” Morgan said. “Some teams are really meshing together well, while some are struggling to find a balance and gain consistency.” 

Near the top of the standings most of the season has been the Cayman Free Press Buzz, a veteran team under Melantha Wright. The last available standings had the Buzz riding high with just one loss. David Connolly and Andreas Ruiz are among the key players. Three other squads have been taking part in Walkers, led by Mitchie Williams, team Scotiabank and Chris Douglas’s team Phoenix. 

On the men’s side, games began in mid-June after the last competition ended earlier this year. Among the competing teams are Transformers and CML, the top sides from the previous tournament.  

Transformers, which features inmates from Northward Prison, won Division One after a playoff run that included victory over regular season champions, the CFP Buzz Crusaders. CML claimed the Division Two crown in dominant fashion, winning the regular season and postseason titles. 

Morgan states the initial games show the players have little rust. 

“We recently had the first set of games for the men’s summer league. CML and Transformers drew three-all, Doghouse Devils defeated KPMG II, 8-1 and the Dominion Devils beat KPMG, 7-3.  

“Unexpectedly, we had the competitive division champions play against the social league champions for the first game of the season. The half-time score was 3-0 for Transformers but CML isn’t a easy team and they surely don’t like losing. They played pretty darn hard in the second half to end the game with a tie. 

“In the Doghouse-KPMG game, from the results you would not have been able to tell who dominated the first 10 minutes of the game or who scored the first goal of the game. KPMG II scored first and then, well, you can tell from the results, Doghouse was not comfortable with that and they made a very bold statement soon after,” he said. 

The statistics from those games saw Richard Goulden, Kevin O’Brien and Dexter Beckford as the CML scorers, Chris Douglas, Garrett Walker and Dominique Pearson scoring for Transformers, and Gabriel Simon hitting the back of the net for KPMG II. Will Foster had a hat-trick for Doghouse, Fran Donoghue and James Plow both had two goals and Colm Flanagan added the 
other score. 


Dominic Pearson of Transformers and Raph Harvey of Buzz Crusaders did battle often last season.


Fran Donoghue stars for Doghouse.


KPMG and Doghouse are among the competing teams. – PHOTOS: RON SHILLINGFORD


Kyle Santamaria, with the ball, leads the Buzz Crusaders attack.


Sophia Dilbert has played in the coed league over the years. – PHOTO: MATTHEW YATES