Theft denied, trial date set for next year

Five-day trial scheduled for June 2014

Patricia Glasgow, 45, pleaded not guilty on Friday to three charges relating to the alleged theft of US$437,300.

The first charge is theft of the money, being property belonging to Rochester Ltd., between 8 September, 2008, and 24 August, 2011.

The second charge is obtaining money transfers by deception during that same time frame. Details are that she dishonestly obtained money transfers totalling US$437,300 from the accounts of Rochester Ltd by a deception, namely that the transactions were properly authorised.

The third charge is making documents without authority: that, with intent to defraud or deceive and without lawful authority or excuse, she made documents in writing – namely, funds transfer requests.

Records kept by the Caymanian Compass indicate that this matter first came before the 
Summary Court on 4 December, 2012.

Justice Michael Mettyear set 23 June, 2014, as the date for trial, but suggested the matter could be brought forward if an earlier date became available.

Defence attorney Ben Tonner and crown counsel Kenneth Ferguson agreed to a directions hearing on 11 October.