Man imported 12 pounds of cocaine

Sentencing adjourned for social inquiry report 

Ithran Brackman Powell, 27, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to importing approximately 12 pounds of cocaine into the Cayman Islands on 27 March this year. 

The offence was discovered at Owen Roberts International Airport in Grand Cayman. 

Powell was also charged with possessing the cocaine with intent to supply, but crown counsel Laura Manson said the plea to importation was acceptable. 

Powell, who is from San Andres, Colombia, was assisted in court by a Spanish-speaking interpreter. 

Defence attorney Paul Murphy asked for sentencing to be adjourned so that he could gather material to assist the court. He told Magistrate Valdis Foldats he was trying to obtain Powell’s mother’s medical records. 

The magistrate asked for a full social inquiry report after ascertaining that the Probation Department has a member of staff who speaks Spanish and could assist. 

He told Powell, “This is your opportunity to explain yourself so the court can understand why you did this.” 

The case was set for Monday, 9 September. The court did not hear details as to the method of importing the drug, but such a summary would typically be given at the time of sentencing. 

Owen roberts airport sign

Owen Roberts Airport, Grand Cayman


  1. Most airliines allow 11 pounds of handgun ammunition in checked baggage, properly packed and declared.

    didn’t this guy think that 12 pounds of cocaine would be a bit overdoing it?

  2. I hate to see the Government have to pay over 30,000 a year to keep this criminal locked up for an extended period of time depriving our needy citizens of funds. It would be better to cane this guy in public and send him home. This is more cost effective. I think there would be a world wide viewing and we could raise a big sum of cash with pay per view. World wide humiliation of a drug dealing criminal. I like this.

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