Courthouse runs over capacity

Seven courts held on Wednesday

Three courtrooms in the Law Courts Building and three more in Kirk House across the street were not enough to contain all of the matters scheduled for Wednesday, 17 July. 

To accommodate the lists, Magistrate Valdis Foldats held Traffic Court in the Town Hall, across from Heroes Square, in George Town. 

In Court One, Justice Malcolm Swift continued to preside over a jury trial dealing with a charge of attempted murder. 

In Court Two, Chief Justice Anthony Smellie began hearing the petition that challenges the nomination and election of Tara Rivers in West Bay. 

Downstairs in Court Three, Magistrate Grace Donalds had one of the criminal lists for Summary Court. 

Over in Kirk House, on the ground floor in Court Four, Magistrate Kirsty-Ann Gunn dealt with another Summary Court criminal list. 

Upstairs, Justice Sir Peter Cresswell needed the video link facilities in Court Five for two cases in the Financial Services Division. 

The Cayman Islands Court of Appeal sat in Court Six for two civil matters. 

Justice Michael Mettyear and Justice Alexander Henderson heard matters in their chambers. 

On Wednesday afternoon, the Mental Health Court met in Court Four and Magistrate Gunn was moved to Court Five, where Justice Cresswell’s court was no longer in session. 

Earlier in the week, there would have been space constraints if everything had gone ahead as scheduled, with three Grand Court trials. However, the prosecution asked for an adjournment until the following day in one matter; another, part heard, did not go ahead because the defendant in custody refused to come 
to court. 

Acting Justice Nova Hall set his matter for mention on 2 August, noting arrangements for his trial to continue with or without his presence.  


The Law Courts Building accommodates three court rooms and five chambers, plus space for administration and support staff.