Cayman weather radar imagery available to public on Internet

Want to know if rain is on the way? Cayman Islands residents can now track the exact location of coming showers using radar imagery posted on the National Weather Service website. 

Data from Grand Cayman’s new Doppler radar weather system is now available for anyone to view online. 

The radar dish, which is based in East End, resembles a giant soccer ball atop a concrete tower. It sends out pulses across a 250-mile radius, providing detailed surveillance of weather affecting all three of the Cayman Islands and the surrounding ocean.  

The radar system, which cost around $4.5 million to build and was funded largely through a European Union grant, officially opened in April. Meteorologists have been able to access data from the system for several months and it will be used to help storm trackers keep a closer eye on hurricanes developing in the region. 

The weather service redesigned and relaunched its website last month to make some of that information available to the public. 

Visitors to the site,, can view a map of the islands and the location and intensity of areas of rainfall as far as 250 miles away. 

“Our new website represents the display, to the general public, of live ‘Weather Radar Data’ coming from Cayman’s own Doppler Weather Radar in East End.  

“In addition, the site also displays the full range of weather information for the Cayman Islands. Thankfully, this greatly enhances our preparedness for the hurricane season,” the weather service said in a press release. 


The weather radar image shows the location and intensity of rainfall around the Cayman Islands.


The Doppler radar sends out pulses over a 250-mile radius.

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