Millions spent on Clifton Hunter sports

Built at a cost of some $100 million to serve about 840 students, the Clifton Hunter High School campus boasts an array of athletic facilities, including a pool, playing fields as well as indoor and outdoor courts. 

Although the Ministry of Education has been unable to state precisely how much the sports facilities cost, information given to the Caymanian Compass by the ministry shows it wasn’t cheap. 

In response to a Freedom of Information request submitted by the Caymanian Compass, the ministry provided a list of expenses totalling some $18.6 million – although what percentage of that was solely used for sports isn’t clear. Many of the expenditures related to sports overlapped with other parts of the campus. For example, an $11.3 million payment to BrittHay Electric Ltd. covered “mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection” for all buildings, not just the high school’s sports centre. 


Pool, fields, flooring  

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Excluding items that are identified as overlapping with non-sports facilities, the expenditures total about $2.5 million. That includes $1.1 million for “CHHS-Roofing” by Precision Industries; $440,000 to Lalev Construction Ltd. for the concrete and interior rendering for the sports building; and $76,000 to Paint Pros to paint the building. 

The ministry paid XMC Caribbean nearly $510,000, including $470,000 for “pool deck” and the remainder for scoreboards and volleyball and basketball systems. 

Additionally, Vigoro Nursery Ltd. was paid nearly $150,000 for “pitch lawn”, which the ministry indicates is related to the sports fields. The ministry paid Tomlinson Furniture more than $94,000 for “PE equipment”, which according to an itemised list provided by the ministry includes various equipment for swimming, outdoor sports, table tennis, badminton, gymnastics, indoor athletics and the fitness room. 

The ministry paid Island Builders Co. Ltd. $63,000 for “resilient sports flooring” for the sports centre. Also, the ministry paid nearly $84,000 to Advanced Road Construction for paving “related to external basketball courts”. Allstar Construction Co. was paid nearly $16,000 for “athletic wall padding”. 


General expenses  

Looking at expenditures that overlapped with non-sports facilities, Dolphin Architectural Products was paid $2.8 million for the “glass and glazing” for all Clifton Hunter buildings. Vigoro was paid an additional $1.1 million for the campus’ landscaping and irrigation system. IE Caribbean was paid $220,000 for installing the school’s “exterior insulation and finishing system”, which is a wall protection and insulation product. 

The ministry paid Elite Marble & Granite nearly $170,000 for resilient and carpet flooring for three buildings, including the sports building. Likewise, Shoreway Builders Ltd. was paid $140,000 for metal studs and drywall for the same three buildings, and Superior Drywall was paid $170,000 ceiling and miscellaneous specialties installation for those three buildings. 

Lalev Construction was paid $110,000 for doors, frames and hardware for four buildings, and Mozaic Creations was paid about $68,000 for ceramic tile installation for four buildings. 



In total, contractors were paid the following amounts for work that includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the athletic facilities: BrittHay ($11.3 million), Dolphin Architectural Products ($2.8 million), Vigoro ($1.3 million), Precision Industries ($1.1 million), Lalev ($560,000), XMC ($510,000), IE Caribbean ($220,000), Superior Drywall ($180,000), Elite Marble & Granite ($170,000), Shoreway Builders ($140,000), Tomlinson Furniture ($94,000), Advanced Road Construction ($84,000), Paint Pros ($76,000), Mozaic Creations ($68,000), Island Builders ($63,000) and Allstar Construction ($16,000). 

The Compass originally submitted the FOI request to the ministry in late March. The ministry responded two months later, in late May, with an incomplete list of expenses. At that time, the ministry said the cost of the football, rugby and cricket fields together was more than $730,000, with nearly all of that going to Vigoro but about $8,800 to Tomlinson Furniture. 

In late May, the ministry said the cost of swimming pool construction and equipment was more than $460,000, with all works performed by XMC. At the time, the ministry said the cost of the indoor athletic court installation and equipment was nearly $260,000, split among the following contractors: Advanced Road Construction ($84,000), Superior Drywall ($46,000), XMC ($35,000) and Tomlinson Furniture ($94,000). 

The Compass requested an internal review of the initial FOI response and was provided with the additional information last week. 

Clifton Hunter school

Clifton Hunter School
– Photographer: Justin Uzzell

CHHS Indoor Court Oct 12

The gym at Clifton Hunter High School can be used for a variety of sports, including volleyball and basketball.
– Photo: Matthew Yates

CHHS Outdoor Basketball Oct 12

Paving related to the outdoor basketball courts cost about $84,000.
– Photo: Matthew Yates

CHHS Pool Oct 12

Clifton Hunter High School’s pool cost more than $460,000.
– Photo: Matthew Yates
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  1. So now we have these excellent facilities is the government open them up to the public use outside school hours. It is normal to charge a fee for access to the different areas and this could be a new stream of revenue for the government. I be happy to pay to use these facilities at night or the weekends.

    In addition to this the school could have adult training courses run from here to service the island as it not much further than West Bay from GT. This would bring in more revenue and train the local workforce with vocational skills.