Man chops suspect in home break-in

Update: A man who was struck in the head with a machete Thursday during what police described as a break-in attempt had not been located as of midday Friday.
The Royal Cayman Islands Police said the man was believed to have sustained serious head injuries as he entered a house in Sandy Ground Road. However, he had not approached any hospitals or clinics to obtain medical treatment.
While officers from the RCIPS wish to speak with him about his involvement in the break-in, the main focus at the present time is to ensure that he receives urgent medical care.
Enquiries to date have suggested that the suspect left the house on foot. He then emerged from the Pedro Castle area onto Shamrock Road near to the Texaco gas station and Wendy’s at Countryside.

Initial story: A Savannah-area resident foiled a burglary at mid-day Thursday by striking one of the suspects in the head with a machete.  

According to the man, who spoke to the Caymanian Compass on condition of anonymity, a burglary suspect broke into the home on Sandy Ground Road through a first-floor window just before noon.  

The resident saw the suspect in the act of climbing through the window and struck out with the machete.  

“It cut him to the head, straight across, deep enough for you to see it,” the man said. 

Police reported that the burglar who was injured was among three men involved in the incident. Officers said the other two waited outside in a vehicle, a green Honda Integra, while the other men attempted to enter the home. The resident was unable to determine the seriousness of the injury to the suspect because the would-be burglar fled quickly.  

The resident was not injured. He could not state whether the suspect got back into the vehicle or ran off on foot.  

An RCIPS statement noted: “It is not clear, at this stage, just how seriously the suspect was injured, but it is believed that he will require medical attention for his wounds. The suspect’s clothing will also be heavily blood-stained.”  


The scene outside the Savannah home where a resident stopped a burglary suspect.
Photo: Brent Fuller


  1. The only thing wrong here is that he didn’t cut the guy deeper but then again he would likely be charged in court for assault. Wait a minute, he still might. Isnt the law great.

  2. Forget the perp. How about how traumatic and frightening it must have been for the homeowner to witness this violation. The homeowner could have been sliced and diced or shot by these scum bag drug addicts.

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