Devils have fiery touch at Kings

The Doghouse Devils continue to reign supreme in five-a-side football.

Doghouse took down KPMG to climb to 5-0 with 15 points atop the men’s summer league standings at Kings Sports Centre. The match, which was actually forfeited by the accountants, was part of the week six slate of games.

On their heels are the Cayman Free Press Buzz Crusaders, who are 4-1. CFP’s latest win was a 3-0 victory over the Dominion Devils as Ray Hydes, Kyle Santamaria and Forde Pearson handled the scoring. Interestingly, the Crusaders had low numbers for the game.

Deloitte rank third at 4-2 with 12 points and have scored the most goals, 34, so far in the competition. The side added to its tally with a 9-5 win over the KPMG Titans. Dan Lowry and Matthew Fong each had four goals for the winners with Paul Smith contributing a score. Fabio Smith and Rich Brown each had a brace for KPMG with Gabriel Simon scoring the other goal.

Deloitte has what seems to be a well-composed team. If this team sticks together for the rest of this season, the public can expect to see big things from them come next season.

CML, who sit seventh out of nine teams with seven points, had the most shocking result, a 17-0 thrashing of PwC. CML’s second win of the season was epic and has given them a major boast on the goal differential scale. As long as CML remain competitive, all of those goals could play a factor in the playoff chase. With the loss, PwC now rank fifth in the standings at 2-3 with six points.

The score sheet was astounding. Kevin Gillette led CML with five goals with goalkeeper Ryan Ebanks adding a hat-trick. Jerry Ramos, Des Harris and Darnell Hanley each had a brace with the other scorers including Dexter Beckford and Ambrose Guilfoyle. Dave Lilley had PwC’s only goal.