All-Stars blind East End to end long-standing streak

East End Mystical Youth went undefeated for more than 12 months and the better part of two seasons. 

However, the squad no longer is unbeaten, falling short of back-to-back perfect regular season campaigns by losing its final match before the playoffs. Island All-Stars would break through to win by 14 points. The contest took place in late July after being postponed due to a funeral in the East End community.  

Mystical Youth have featured a strong assault all season with the likes of Clinton Peddie and Calvin Solomon joining domino legends like Fred McLaughlin. The reigning national champions now head into the postseason with the top seed at 13-1. 

The rest of the seedings have yet to be announced. All-Stars, with talents like Oleta Elliott and Marcia Myles, figure to be the second seed at 11-3. All-Stars have the competition’s best form, going through the second half of the season with an unblemished record. 

The most recent standings saw Archies, 9-5, third with 4,053 points and a score of 45 points, while DLK, 7-7, was fourth with 3,570 points and a score of 35. The bottom tier of the 2013 rankings saw 5-9 Sea Inn with 3,508 points and a score of 25, 4-10 Eastern Star with 3,682 points and a score of 20 and 4-10 Roti with 3,6662 points and a score of 20. 


Oleta Elliott is a big part of All-Stars’ success. – PHOTO: MATTHEW YATES

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