Editorial for 6 August: CINICO may need CPR

A pair of unflattering stories about the Cayman Islands National Insurance Company hit the front page of our newspaper in the last few days. 

Story No. 1 dealt with a multi-million dollar lawsuit brought on, apparently, by the failure of a CINICO executive to send a form letter or fax a signed copy of a contract termination. 

Story No. 2 revealed a total failure of the national insurer to comply with proper procedure and, indeed, the laws of the Cayman Islands regarding freedom of information.  

At this point, we’re not sure who to blame over these significant failures by the insurer. However, we do know that both of them raise questions going to the heart of whether CINICO has an adequate and professional administration attached to its organisation. 

Healthcare for Cayman Islands residents is one of the most important, and expensive, items that our government pays for in its annual budget. That system must be both accountable and responsible with the tax dollars it receives, as well as with the information it passes along through the open records process. 

A review of whether CINICO is adequately staffed, adequately funded and adequately administered would be in order.

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