Jamaica honours two awardees

The Jamaican Consulate recognised Michael Godfrey and Astill Murphy for their contributions to Jamaica and the Cayman Islands during its Independence Day. 

Mr. Godfrey [*], commended for his contribution to the construction industry and Mr. Murphy for his work in sports, were awarded plaques for their services at an ecumenical thanksgiving service held at the Church of God of Prophecy, Victory Tabernacle on Sunday, 4 August. 

Born in Mandeville, Jamaica, Mr. Godfrey studied engineering and construction management whilst working with the Public Works Department in Kingston. 

Mr. Godfrey was one of Jamaica’s National Polo Team players and represented the island on several occasions between 1967-1971. 

He is a life member of the Cayman Islands National Trust and charter member of the Cayman Islands Baptist Church. He was awarded the Medal of Honour by the Cayman Islands government and was also awarded the Paul Harris fellowship from the Rotary foundation of Rotary International.  

Mr. Murphy was born in Port Royal Jamaica. As a young boy, he was very active in St. Peter’s Anglican Church. After leaving school, he joined the Royal Navy and later served as a firefighter for eleven years. An avid sportsman, he was deeply involved with football and cricket.  

His first visit to Grand Cayman in 1972 was at the invitation of the Cayman Islands Police Sports Club, but he continued his visits throughout the years. 

He is the founder of the Cayman Islands Football Referees Association and the Cricket Umpire’s Association. 

[*] Editor’s note: Story changed to reflect Mr. Godfrey was commended for his contribution to the construction industry.

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