Meet the baby whisperers

A neonatal nurse and a labour and delivery nurse have set up a company to help new mums with their newborns, offering their services anytime of the day or night.

With more than 30 years combined experience in newborn care, Kelly Johnson and Claire Hendriksen have called 
their company ‘Baby Whispers’.  

The duo believe that having the proper support is the best way to help first-time mothers adjust to their new roles.  

“Many new mothers are so focused on their little bundle, they forget they themselves are patients,” said Ms Johnson.  

“We are there to check both mother and baby’s physical well-being, as well as provide emotional support.“  

Ms Johnson knows from personal experience what mothers go through. 

“Becoming a mother myself has changed my perspective and deepened my understanding of what new parents go through. Having thought I was ideally prepared for the task, I now realise how much I still had to learn.  

My own experience of having a baby was far from perfect, starting with bed rest during pregnancy, followed by a pre-term delivery at 32 weeks and culminating with post-partum depression.” 

In setting up Baby Whisperers, the two wants to ease the burden new mothers have to go through.  

Baby Whisperers offers a series of house visits in the first five days after leaving hospital to weigh and check the baby, assist with feeding, give tips on bonding, scheduling and lack of sleep.  

They also reiterate the skills learned in hospital or prenatal classes, such as bathing and umbilical cord care, and also check up on mum. 

They offer different packages to new mothers, ranging from $250 to $800, depending on 
the level of support required. 

Client Caroline Heal said Baby Whisperers helped guide her through those first confusing days at home. 

“Baby Whisperers really helped me when I had my first baby.  

They gave me fantastic advice on breast-feeding and lots of practical tips and ideas. Claire was friendly, kind and approachable; she gave me confidence when I was unsure or worried, had decisive answers to my questions and was always available by phone or text if I needed help.  

I really couldn’t recommend her more highly.” 

With many new mothers not having the option of the traditional fallback of support from their own mothers to help out in their first few days and weeks of motherhood, Ms Johnson and Ms Hendriksen saw an opportunity to launch their business and share their skills and knowledge at a time when mothers need advice and support. 

They’ll be helping mums with some basic tenants like babies crying because they’re need to be winded, or require a nappy change, or because they’re just hungry, What is important is to keep the baby safe at all times, they said. 

“Having the proper support is the best way to help first-time mothers adjust to their new roles. A mother who feels confident she has the skills to keep her baby healthy and safe is more likely to cope with the sleep deprivation and other demands of a newborn,”said Ms Johnson. 

Client Katie Pearson* said, “Our daughter arrived two weeks before my parents had booked to fly out to Cayman to help, so we engaged the Baby Whisperers to help us for those first two weeks, and were so glad we did. Kelly’s help with breastfeeding in particular was invaluable and her knowledgeable advice on all other aspects of caring for a newborn helped make us much more confident, which we are sure has made for a calmer and happier baby.”

*This story has been amended to reflect the correct name of the person quoted.

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