Changing speed limits confusing

Are the new and confusing changes to speed limits around the Esterley Tibbetts Highway legal? I am sure that law abiding residents and especially visitors are confused.

Is the speed limit on the West Bay Road going north toward Cemetery Beach 40 mph, 30 mph or 25 mph? It was 40 mph, but now if one leaves Esterley Tibbetts Highway at Raleigh Quay, there is an official 25 mph sign and not another sign until the 25 mph by the Cemetery, so presumably it’s 25 mph all the way. If one leaves ETH at the new roundabout near Yacht Drive, there is an official 30 mph sign and so presumably it’s 30 mph until the 25 mph sign by the Cemetery.

How confusing!

In the opposite direction, leaving ETH to join to West Bay Road by Harbour Heights, there is a 25 mph sign and no other speed limit sign until another 25 mph approaching the traffic lights by Kirk’s, so presumably the speed limit for that vast length of West Bay Road is now 25 mph.

George Tustin

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