What is happening to immigration processing at Cayman’s gateway?

I have been coming to Cayman since 1990. Clearing Immigration used to take 15-30 minutes maximum with one or two agents working their stations. Clearing Immigration recently took 1 1/2 hours.

The room was packed like sardines in a can with lines outside “almost” back to the planes. Yes, this was a Saturday, but doesn’t Immigration know how many planes arrive and when? Only half of the Immigration desks were occupied with agents, why not all desks?

If Immigration cannot handle the arrivals, then do not allow planes to land at the same time!

Airport workers were allowing tourists in the resident lanes. The residents were not very happy. I was not happy.

The first time tourists were not very happy either. I heard many comments from families with young children that they would not be back. Many who travel said this was the worst immigration they ever encountered!

When people deplane, their first experience in Cayman is through Immigration. Shouldn’t this be a positive encounter?

Please correct airport Immigration fast!

Karen Hyr

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