Police investigate phantom ‘shooting’

Police are investigating how a man, who erroneously reported he had been shot after suffering a leg injury in West Bay, actually came about his injuries.

The man, who had been climbing breadfruit trees in the area shortly before his call to police on Saturday night, was admitted to hospital with a leg injury.

He claimed to have been shot in the back of the leg as he walked along King’s Road at around 10pm.

A police spokeswoman said, “The man had reported that he had received a gunshot injury to his leg. Police attended the scene and the man was conveyed to the Cayman Islands Hospital for treatment. Following medical examination, it was established that the injury was not caused by a gunshot wound. The man was released from hospital following treatment.”

The spokeswoman added, “Investigations have revealed that the man had been climbing breadfruit trees in the Kings Road area immediately prior to his call to the police. Enquiries to establish how the man came about his injury, and if the injury was caused by a criminal act, are ongoing.”

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