Doghouse and Deloitte set to clash

The top-rated squads in indoor football are each one win away from a date in the championship game. 

The Doghouse Devils and Cayman Free Press Buzz Crusaders are both in the semi-finals of the 2013 Kings Sports Centre men’s summer league. Top-ranked Doghouse take on sixth-ranked Deloitte while No. 2 Crusaders battle fifth-ranked CML this week. The sides booked their spots after first-round playoff victories last week as Doghouse beat PwC, 3-2, while CFP defeated Transformers, 5-4.  

Kings assistant director André Morgan said both contests were tight. 

“As with all playoff games, the results are usually hard to predict,” Morgan said. “This game saw the second to last place team play against the first place team. The expectation would be an overwhelming win for Doghouse but this was not the case.  

“This game was a head-to-head battle and a dire fight for PwC to extend their time in the playoffs. Doghouse made it clear with the final result being a win for the Devils. 

“The Crusaders-Transformers game saw the two most local teams playing each other. For the spectators, exciting is an understatement. This game was level the entire match. If one team scored, the other team ramped up their intensity and replied with an even more spectacular goal.  

“With less than three minutes left, Transformers saw themselves about to lose 3-4. Miraculously, Chris Douglas bypassed the strong defense of CFP and found the back of the net tying the score 4-4 with less than a minute to go. However, CFP refused to go in to overtime and a brilliant attacking play saw Kris Pearson on a breakaway attack which left the goalkeeper helpless.” 

Martin Cooke led Doghouse to victory with a brace while Ian Jamieson also scored for the Devils. Marc Patel and Ricardo Agrella had goals for the accountants. Kris Pearson had a brace for CFP with Santangelo Bush, Kyle Santamaria and Dave McLaughlin adding to the total. Chris Douglas and Dominique Pearson each had a brace for Transformers. 

Doghouse now battle a Deloitte team fresh off a 4-1 upset of third seed Dominion Devils. Matthew Fong had a brace for the accountants with additional goals from Ricardo Stewart and Dane White. Leigh Hipkins had Dominion’s lone score. CFP will challenge a No. 5 CML team that barely beat KPMG II, nicknamed the Titans, 6-5. Lee Hart, Des Harris and Darnell Hanley each had a brace for CML. Ahmed Salah scored four times for KPMG with Fabio Smith also adding a goal. 

Morgan said both playoff matches offered interesting performances. 

“Seeing as Deloitte and Dominion are not very far from each other in the standings, this match was understandably a close one. Dominion fought endlessly but was not able to find the back of the net as much as Deloitte did. Every attack by Dominion was foiled by Deloitte sending back all their numbers to defend. Ultimately, the stronger team took home the win. 

“KPMG struggled throughout the season to get their numbers together and build a good chemistry. Seems like all that tinkering paid off. From the start of the game, you could tell that this would be a high scoring match.  

“CML, being experienced winners and former champions, knew exactly what it would take to win. For the first half, KPMG looked like they would take the win and then CML did what they usually do: come from behind and fight to the end for the W.” 


Kris Pearson propelled the Crusaders into the semifinals.