No answer from UCCI on job application

The University College of The Cayman Islands has organized some very impressive and enlightening lectures by foreign scholars on the topic of transparency and corruption and for this we should all be grateful.

However, I am not so grateful for their policy of not informing applicants for teaching positions if their applications were unsuccessful, nor the reasons why they were not hired.

I applied for an advertised position in the department of social sciences in the month of May 2013 and although classes have started, I was never informed that my application was not successful.

I understand, of course, that it was stated on the application that unsuccessful candidates would not be informed; however, as a local applicant who has lectured part time at the university before, I believe I should have been told why I was not hired.

In a recent inquiry to the president of UCCI, I attempted to gain this information, but it would appear that our university is not as transparent as its bosses suggest our other government institutions should become.

I have no idea what your readers might think of this apparent contradiction, but I thought I would bring it to their attention since so many Caymanians, including the present PPM government, seem greatly concerned about unemployment among Caymanians.

I am one of these unemployed Caymanians, and this government is being asked by me how Caymanians will get justice in employment if even our government-funded institutions can refuse to hire us Caymanians and not account for their decision.

Frank McField


  1. It sounds like you are making this a Caymanian versus expat issue and speaking about justice, yet you didn’t state whether the job was given to a Caymanian or not. As you stated in your own letter, the application stated no notification was to be given and with good reason because I’m sure there were many applicants and there is not always a clear reason for not hiring one over the other until it’s been narrowed down to just a few. But in any case, would you expect the same notification if the reason was that another qualified Caymanian were hired, or just an expat?

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