BritCay puts premium on success

The BritCay Premiums are leading one of local softball’s toughest divisions. 

BritCay sits first in the B League of the 2013 Fall Adult Coed Softball League, put on by the Cayman Islands Little League Association. The Premiums, featuring talents like Jamaal Anderson and David Conolly II, headed into the week at 4-2. 

The B League has the most teams – seven – in the competition. BritCay leads 3-2-1 Al La Kebab Titans, followed by 3-2 PwC B, 2-3-1 Deloitte, 2-3 Phoenix Hard Hats, 1-2-1 Master Batters and 0-4-1 Rackam’s Crabbies. 

Matches are being played this week at the Field of Dreams facility. Crabbies started the action off Sunday in an inter-league game against Coors Light Chuggers of the A League. BritCay played against Coors Light’s division rival, Rhino Rebar, on Monday. Wrapping things up will be KPMG A battling A.L. Thompson’s Hammers on Thursday at 8 p.m. on field three (weather-permitting). 

The rest of the standings see a huge gap between the top teams and the other clubs. Tower Marketing tops the A League at 6-0, followed by 3-2 KPMG, 3-2 Hammers, 3-3 Rhino Rebar and the 2-4 Chuggers. The C League features 5-0 Dart ahead of 4-2 UBS Aces, 2-4-1 Saxon G-Force and 0-6-1 Fluff and Fold Home Gas Misfits. Saxon beat Misfits, 15-7, on Monday night in the week’s lone C League clash. Kevin Morales and Casey Goff were among the standouts for G-Force. 

The association reminds the public that its annual general meeting will be held on Oct. 1 at the Field of Dreams. The Little League is in need of volunteers who would be willing to either sit on the board or a board committee. There are various positions that will be vacant.