Simmons gave us a mice time

The Laughter Lounge monthly show returned to its original venue, Margaritaville, with an impressive performance for chuckle fans by the celebrated Mark Simmons.  

The American comedian is renowned for his parts in the iconic films Barbershop, Barbershop II and Roll Bounce, and after years on the stand-up circuit he knows exactly what buttons to press to hit the spot. 

Mind you, the Cayman crowd on Friday was an impatient one for Simmons because throughout he claimed that we laughed far too quickly rather than long, hearty ones. “You all be pacing me,” Simmons joked. “I’m under pressure here.” Nevertheless, he had a wealth of material to keep us all entertained for over an hour.  

His repertoire included ganja consumption, brazen mice in his New York apartment, as a kid not allowed to drink Kool-Aid till all his dinner was eaten and coming from such a big family that his uncle was his younger school-mate. “Did you do your homework, Mark?” Simmons said. “Did you wet your bed again, uncle?” 

Simmons performed again, at the amateur boxing show at the Lions Center, the following night, and went down well under difficult circumstances.  

Laughter Lounge promoters Rod Jefferson and Brad Watts continue after three years to keep it fresh.  

They had local comedian Big Kahuna hosting and crooner Rupert Whittaker to warm things up. 


Mark Simmons kept the gags going at a fast rate. – PHOTOS: RON SHILLINGFORD