Junior Achievement recruitment kicks off

The Junior Achievement Company is recruiting students and volunteers for this year’s program.

Junior Achievement programs director Teresa Foster and president Paul Byles have been visiting local schools to recruit participants and, with 320 students taking in the Junior Achievement program last year, they are hoping to achieve a similar success this year.

They visited Clifton Hunter, John Gray, Triple C, Grace Christian Academy, Wesleyan Academy, St. Ignatius, Cayman International and Cayman Prep and High school within the first two weeks of the new academic year. They also visited Cayman Brac to recruit teachers, parents and other community members as volunteers.

At the schools, the organizers provided students in Years 10-13 with information about the program.

Mr. Byles said that while many people are familiar with the Junior Achievement Company program, in which 250 to 300 students participate annually, the initiative in the Cayman Islands also delivers other programs in the high schools, middle schools and, more recently, in kindergartens, that influence an additional 1,000 students in the country’s school system.

“It’s a mammoth task when you consider the sheer amount of students that participate and it’s all down to the hard work of volunteers, advisers, teachers, parents, and, of course, the students,” Mr. Byles said. “It’s a remarkable achievement in terms of the positive experience and lessons taught to over 1,300 students per year.”

The organizers are also hoping to line up more sponsors.
“Securing companies to sponsor the students’ companies, as well as advisors to the students, is an equally important part of the focus this year,” Ms Foster said.

She said the Junior Achievement program also needs advisers and company sponsors. “We are targeting 12 to 13 company sponsors this year in order to accommodate our expectations in terms of student numbers,” she said.

Mr. Byles added that the program is also focusing on meeting potential financial sponsors.