North Side chooses heritage queen

Ahoy, Mateys! The Pirates are coming and the North Side District Heritage Committee has chosen Nathania Guntlett as its Heritage Queen for 2014. 

Ms Guntlett was crowned queen of the district on Saturday night at the North Side Craddock Ebanks Civic Centre in front of a packed audience. 

She stole the show from four other contestants: first runner-up Shanea Allen, second runner-up Jessica Ebanks; People’s Choice Award Nikita Scott and Maykala Rankine. In the event Ms Guntlet cannot carry out her cultural duties, Ms Allen will pick up the sash and represent the district of North side in her place.  

While probably not engaging in much pillaging, plundering and looting, first runner-up Ms Allen’s choice of a pirate costume and showy personality had the audience hooting for more.  

The Heritage Committee People’s Choice Award went to Nikita Scott. North Side residents were able to vote via Facebook for their favorite contestant in this category.  

For her efforts, Nathania, looking fashionable in a black and red stripped pirates costume, will represent the district of North Side as their festival queen during the upcoming Pirates Week heritage day and street parade to be held in George Town. 

The fundraising event also had a tremendous amount of youth participation such as singers, steel panner Micheal Lemay and youths modeling clothes from several well-known stores. 

The competition and fashion show is a forerunner to the National Pirates Week festivities taking place next month in the Cayman Islands. Other district queens will be crowned later this month. 

The event also featured fried fish and fritters, as well as many cakes. 

Nathania Guntlett has been chosen North Side Heritage Queen for 2014. 


Contestants from left: winner Nathania Guntlett; first runner-up Shanea Allen; People’s Choice Award Nikita Scott; second runner-up Jessica Ebanks and Maykala Rankine. – Photos: Jewel Levy.