Company registry starts online registrations

Since Oct. 1, licensed services providers in the Cayman Islands are able to complete all company registration activities online.

The upgraded system at the General Registry allows for paperless transactions as company registration certificates can be printed in a company’s registered office, according to Registrar General Cindy Jefferson-Bulgin. All registration certificates have digital signatures and verification codes.

“While this upgrade streamlines the registration and maintenance processes for our clients in the area of companies, we will be working on getting partnerships online in a similar manner,” she said.

For our clients the upgrade to the electronic management system means quicker processing and lower costs for company registrations.

The Cayman Online Registry Information System, CORIS, was designed by local company Brac Informatics, with support from government’s Computer Services Department.

General Registry staff and government officials announced the major CORIS upgrade on Sept. 26.

The new features of the system include an expedited service which takes four hours to complete compared to a regular 48 hour service.

Licensed service providers have full access, at all times, to the files of the entities managed.

The system will also save subscribers valuable resource time, as requests can be uploaded from their office/desk, and returned electronically.

In the case of natural or man-made disasters, the upgraded system allows the registry to continue operations remotely.