Oktoberfest brings on bratwurst and beer

The celebration of Oktoberfest with its steins of beer, lederhosen and oompah music, began in Germany on Sept. 21 and ended on Oct. 6. If the pictures in the international press are anything to go by, it seems that a good time was had by all.  

For those weeping into their watery brews, wishing that they could have hopped the pond to join in the festivities, there is good news. Oktoberfest will be celebrated in the Cayman Islands on the weekend of Oct. 11, with The Wharf Restaurant taking center stage as it has for many years. 

Expect frothy beers, unpronounceable dishes, terrific music and an atmosphere that could almost make you believe you’re in the heart of Bavaria if the Caribbean Sea wasn’t a stone’s throw away. Clemens Guettler, managing director of The Wharf, and his team, led by Reno Mancini, restaurant manager, are determined to create a night you won’t soon forget. As in previous years, there will be a special menu featuring all those robust sausages you’ve come to expect. Grilled bratwurst with potato salad and sauerkraut; spicy German cheese sausage; baked cheese spaetzle topped with fried onions…more than a mouthful for hungry patrons. And of course what Oktoberfest is complete without those pretzels the size of dustbin lids? Make sure you save room for classic desserts like black forest cake and warm apple strudel. Yum! 

Determined to make the evening as authentic as possible, Guettler has even arranged the importation of Spaten Premium Lager, one of the premium brews served at Oktoberfest in Europe. For that night you can wrap your lips around the real thing, and follow it up with all the grub you can eat. 

As the night wends merrily on, jump up and dance to the tunes of a professional DJ with a lineup of oompah music to rival whatever you might hear in Munich. If you’ve got lederhosen (leather breeches) anywhere in the house, now’s the time to get them out, dust them off, and pull them on. 

Oktoberfest has become a very popular festival in Grand Cayman, so you’ll want to make sure you get there early for a good seat, and reservations are definitely recommended. The weather is perfect for some celebrations under the stars, and The Wharf is the perfect venue for Oktoberfest. 


Oktoberfest is all about drinking vast quantities of beer with good friends.