Prisoner not produced to court

Magistrate orders warrant for inmate charged with escaping

Prison inmate Steve Garston Manderson was on the Summary Court list for Tuesday, Oct. 15, but did not appear in court.

He is charged with escaping lawful custody, following a prison breakout on Aug. 14 along with two other men, his son Marcus Manderson and Chadwick Dale. The elder Manderson was recaptured Aug. 28.

When Magistrate Valdis Foldats called Manderson’s name, a prison officer liaising with the cells downstairs advised that Manderson was not present. The officer went downstairs to double check and returned to confirm that the defendant had not been brought to court.

The magistrate ordered a production warrant for Tuesday, Oct. 29.

Dale is scheduled to return to court on Oct. 24. Marcus Manderson has not yet been recaptured.