Plea from murder victim’s family

Anthony Connor was our son, our brother, our friend, our loved one. We are mourning his loss and the terrible way in which his life was taken so suddenly and violently. We ask that the public and media take this into consideration when talking and writing about him in a negative way.  

Anthony was a human who, like all other humans, made mistakes for which he has paid dearly with his life.  

He was a kind and loving person who would do anything for those he loved and who was determined to turn his life around.  

We would like to be given the chance to mourn him, pay our respects to him and pay tribute to his life without the additional pain added by marl road stories and scandalous, unkind accusations and comments. To those who did not know him, do not judge him, only God alone has that right. We thank you for respecting our wishes.  

RIP Anthony “Beenie” Connor. 


The family, friends and loved ones of Anthony (“Beenie”) Connor