Two employers meeting pension goals

Champion House II and K-Coast Development to return to court in six months

Two local employers that had been delinquent in paying employees’ pension are paying $5,000 a month in pension arrears, a court heard last week. 

Representatives of Champion House II and K-Coast Development appeared in Summary Court on Thursday, when crown counsel Kenneth Ferguson confirmed that both were currently meeting an agreement to pay $5,000 per month in arrears. 

Mr. Ferguson said he was advised by Senior Pensions Officer Martin Bodden Jr. that both companies were compliant with agreements reached in April this year. 

K Coast Development Ltd. first came to court in August 2011 for failing to make contributions to a pension plan for its employees between June 2006 and December 2007, then again from November 2009 to June 2011. The charge did not specify the amount of contributions outstanding. 

Magistrate Grace Donalds adjourned the matter until April 24, 2014, and told the company representative that the court expected payments to continue. Attorney Richard Barker spoke on behalf of Champion House Ltd. trading as Champion House Restaurant II. He noted that the case had been set that day for a progress report and had been under strict supervision. 

He said the company directors had been strident and consistent in their payments and were determined to maintain that course until the debt was extinguished. 

The pensions officer was present in court and Mr. Barker thanked him for his assistance. Champion House II was first before the court in October 2008. The charge of failing to contribute to a pension plan for employees covers a period between January 1999 and August 2008. The charge does not specify the amount of contributions outstanding. 

The magistrate put this case over until April 24 also.