Museum honors Capt. Hurlston

A new show honoring local seaman Capt. Paul Hurlston, is slated to open at the Cayman Islands National Museum on Nov. 23, as part of the museum’s 22nd anniversary celebrations.

The exhibition, “Voyages: A Sea Captain’s Legacy,” takes viewers on a thrilling journey, using images and stories from the Caymanian seaman.

Hurlston spent more than 40 years at sea, and has directed catboats, steamships and even a vessel carrying a nuclear reactor. His stories have become an essential and celebrated part of Cayman’s history. The premiering exhibit provides an inside look into the life of this local legend.

The museum will also be extending its current show, “Passing Through: Migratory Birds of the Cayman Islands.” The exhibition, which opened in May, educates viewers on the colorful world of bird migration, paying homage to birds residing in Cayman year round. It has been extended through May 2014, and will be updated with new displays and exciting material.

Both exhibits will be open to the public on Nov. 23 as the museum hosts a Christmas festival – Big Ole Looky Ya – to celebrate it anniversary in Cayman. Hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., with free museum admissions, a variety of crafts, traditional Caymanian food and activities. The festival will take place outdoors in the museum’s courtyard, adjacent to Goring Avenue.