Governor lights up GT Christmas tree

Heroes Square was a-twinkle Monday night as Governor Helen Kilpatrick switched on the Christmas tree lights in George Town. 

The Rotary Club of Grand Cayman hosted its 48th annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony in the capital, amid plenty of music and songs. 

Among the entertainers were Kate, Corey and Melody Allenger, Barefoot Man and Andy Martin, Earl La Pierre Steel Pan, Jamesette Anglin and Rico Orrett, and the St. Ignatius School Band and Choir. 


Deputy Governor Franz Manderson and Governor Helen Kilpatrick. – photos: Chris Court


Stephanie Wight, president of the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman, left, with Betty Baraud.


The choir and band from St. Ignatius entertained the audience with Christmas carols.


The Christmas tree lights up.


President of Rotary Club Grand Cayman Stephanie Wight holds her 19-month-old daughter Zuri as she addresses the crowd at the tree lighting ceremony Monday. Her nephew, 3-year-old Lucas Foster looks on in his Spider-Man costume. – PHOTO: CHRIS COURT