Douglas backs Filipino scorers

Basketball has always been a passion for Ronaldo Douglas. 

So when the Cayman Bracker wanted to start a business, his first point of emphasis was to support those who play above the rim. Douglas, 29, recently started a clothing company and stepped in as a part sponsor for the Phil-Cay Basketball Tournament, also called the Cayman Islands Basketball Association Division Three League. 

“I’m sponsoring the championship hats for the league winners,” Douglas said. “The official name of my company is D.E.F.S Clothing, with the initials being abbreviations for names of family and friends that I have, so it was something for me to remember them by. 

“Basketball was the only sport I truly loved. I wasn’t fast but I could shoot, so people picked me on that basis, which I didn’t mind because I could score. Over the years, I developed by practicing to improve on weaknesses. I love basketball and always will, it was always my way to get a good exercise.  

“I always wanted to do custom hats for basketball and team sports that will bring teams together. Not everybody is a star on a team but this way, everybody can feel a part of something special. They can show that they were a part of something amazing and they will have that to always look at forever.” 

Smoothie King won game one, thanks largely to John Paul Azul, Lebron Diaz and Jerick Villestas with Big Brother showcasing Collin Anglin and Dwight O’Garro to take game two. The consolation final saw Asian Retail claim third place – behind Christian Ferrer and Chris Lucas – by beating Carlos and Martin/Lone Star (featuring Curtis Wilson), who finished fourth. Interestingly, Smoothie King, Lone Star and Asian Retail had identical 6-2 regular season records with Big Brother ending up 5-3. 

Douglas, who makes his living as a courier, said he plans in the future to support more local sports. 

“I started off with hats to offer better prices and also offered a delivery service to customers. Being that I don’t have a physical store – I have BBM, WhatsApp and a Facebook page – people contact me with what they want, based on the pictures they see or pictures I show them, and I deliver their items to them for free. No other clothing store offers that perk so that’s why a lot of people get stuff through us and we have very fast delivery service. We get selections nowhere else has so we are also more attractive in that way. 

“Up next for the business is to keep growing and supporting sports the best way that I can. I’m planning on sponsoring the 2014 men’s league – division one and division two – so that will be another step in sponsoring sports and the basketball uniforms we will have for the 2014 season will be designed by D.E.F.S and my business partner Noli Lapena, a Filipino I met playing in the Phil-Cay league. I’m just hoping people support us as a small business coming up as we will continue to make a impact in the sporting world.” 

In the meantime, Douglas will be working on his jumper to take another shot at glory between the lines.  

“I’m looking forward to playing in division two, with a new mixture of players – Caymanian and Filipino – playing for the Titans,” he said. “We’re definitely looking to win the title this year and we will be one of the top teams to look out for.  

“But competition will be great so I’m looking forward to the challenge.” 


Ronaldo Douglas presented league organizer Jan Barrozo with the hats.