January was third wettest ever

The sunshine that typically arrives with the new year in Cayman was relatively rarely seen as the island splashed through an unusually wet January.

The National Weather Service says last month was the third wettest January since record-keeping began.

A total of 5.28 inches of rain fell in January, compared to an average of 2.04 inches for the month.

John Tibbetts, chief meteorologist, said three separate cold fronts passed by the islands last month, bringing the unusually wet weather.

“January is climatically a part of the winter dry season with a long-term average monthly rainfall total of 2.04 inches based on the 30-year average,” he said. “The Cayman Islands National Weather Service recorded an unusually wet 5.28 inches of rainfall in January 2014.”

The highest rainfall total for January was recorded in 2003, when 11.42 inches was measured.

There were three days of the month when more than an inch of rain was recorded. The greatest 24-hour total for the month was recorded on Jan. 15, when 1.93 inches was recorded.

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