Emergency landing for CAL flight

A Cayman Airways flight carrying 98 passengers declared a full emergency landing shortly after take off on Monday, according to airport officials.

En route to Havana, Cuba, Flight KX 832 departed Owen Roberts International Airport on schedule at 1:25 p.m., but was forced to turn back to Cayman to make an emergency landing.

“We confirm that the flight landed safely shortly before 2 p.m. at Owen Roberts Airport,” said Caren Thompson-Palacio, information officer of the Cayman Islands Airports Authority.

Fire, ambulance and police crews were on standby for the landing.

Cayman Airways’ president and CEO, Fabian Whorms, declined to comment on the reason behind the emergency landing, saying an official statement would be released later.

Passengers on board the plane disembarked and the flight was rescheduled for 4:45 p.m. Monday.

Just over a year ago, a plane on the same route and with the same flight number was forced to return to Cayman due to a “technical discrepancy.” The airline stated it was not the same aircraft involved in Monday’s emergency landing.


  1. I am aware that some persons may express criticism of our National Carrier; however we need to consider giving much more support to our carrier. If you have a donkey that has a lame foot and you keep kicking it every day, and uses your neighbors horse, what will you expect? One day he won’t go anywhere.
    Saying this is to say, Fly your national Airline and give support.
    Now just a little piece of good advice to the Company. Do not use spare change when it comes to maintenance of Cayman Airways. Remember trust and faith is being put in your hands to use the best service that is being offered. Also remember because of critics, you will never survive, if an accident takes place. Remember that. So spend money on that airlines to keep continued faith by those that fly her, and to everyone else, stop kicking the donkey.

  2. The problem is that CAL are paying hefty leasing fees on four aircraft that have either passed or are getting close to the end of their planned economic lives.

    In plain English – they are all ready for junkyard.

    There needs to be some serious review of the fleet needs here with a view to either upgrading it or entering into code sharing agreements with other airlines to reduce CAL’s operating costs.

  3. Ok David I am reading your comment, and I cannot dispute that you may know something that I do not.
    So I would further suggest that if those planes need to go Junk Yard send them.
    Remember another thing, it makes no sense to sew old lace on new frock, it will tear up.
    Got an old car and tried putting on new parts? Every day another part will give trouble.
    Our national airline is very important to us, buy new planes and do what every one else do, owe the bank.

  4. Twyla, I hear you but the problem is that Cayman has spent so much and is so far in debt that they cannot borrow anymore money. They may be lucky enough to lease new planes but buying them may not be an option, the CAL is barely staying alive just like the turtle farm. And thanks to decades of spending on the wrong things the CIG will not be able to carry them and bail them out much longer, they can barely carry themselves. Eventually the CAL will be owned by someone else and the blame should be placed on the people who squandered and wasted all our money on things like big shiny buildings and National Building funds, instead of investing into revenue building ventures. For decades people treated Cayman like it was laced in gold and we are now feeling the effects of this.

    Welcome to the new Cayman, where we owe everyone everything.

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