Public supports women's shelter

Diapers, toys, clothes and food were among the many items donated by members of the public Saturday to a donation drive for the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre. 

Event organizer Monica Walton, founder of recently formed volunteer group Women, described the Donation Day as a “huge success.” 

The Women in Cayman organization teamed up with the Crisis Centre to collect donations for mothers and children at the shelter.  

“We were overwhelmed with the support from the community and the amount of people that made the effort to donate items to the CICC,” said Ms. Walton. “Everything was very well received by the women and children at the shelter, from kids’ toys and books to nappies and toiletries, things we take for granted.” 

Volunteers collected donations from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., ranging from women’s and children’s clothing to furniture and toiletries.  

“So many people came out and gave back to those in need, it was incredible to see some of the children’s faces light up and play with new toys. The same with the women, who often come to the shelter with nothing. It was amazing to see smiles on their faces and the gratitude towards those who donated,” said Ms. Walton. 

“It may seem like a small contribution, but to see the women being given things that we all take for granted, that can make their lives easier, like baby products, baby clothes, food and drink, and baby car seats, etc. … It was really a great thing to see happening,” she added. 

Getting involved 

Women in Cayman is planning to shift its focus onto youth empowerment, said Ms. Walton. 

“Our next project is on Friday with the Save Our Youth foundation, where some of the volunteers will be going in to speak to some of the youths at John Gray High School to help guide them into making responsible decisions and to speak to them about tackling youth issues in the community. 

“I think it’s really important for these children to have people around them aside from teachers and counselors who they can relate to and can really take on board what they have to say. Equally as important is for young people to come forward and help others who are in need of a bit of guidance and support,” she added. 

The group is encouraging volunteers to get involved. “Our next meeting will be in the next couple of weeks, we are seeking mentors for a number of upcoming projects – get in touch if you are interested,” said Ms. Walton. 

Anyone interested in making a donation to the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre can visit its website at or to volunteer for upcoming Women in Cayman projects, email [email protected]  


The public made a wide range of donations to aid the women and children who live at the Crisis Centre.


  1. While I appreciate the work that is done on behalf of women and children I often wonder what support is being provided to the men within our society that are the victims of domestic abuse.

    Men have been trained over the years to just accept domestic abuse as part of a normal relationship because they are ”men” and as a result this type of abuse goes largely unreported and has become culturally acceptable.

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