Dump ignites again

A large trash pile – one of the highest points within the George Town landfill – was ablaze Wednesday morning less than two months after a huge pile of tires caught fire, sending plumes of smoke over Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach area.

Wednesday’s blaze was much smaller than the Dec. 20 inferno that burned unchecked for nearly a day. However, motorists on the Esterley Tibbetts Highway, Camana Bay workers and visitors and drivers in George Town’s Industrial Park area could clearly see a tan-colored smoke flowing over the area around mid-morning. 

The fire broke out in a different section of the landfill than the Dec. 20 blaze.

Acting Fire Chief Rosworth McLaughlin said a “small fire” started at the landfill early Wednesday and was “under control” fairly quickly.

However, smoke billowed up later in the morning as crews attempted to dig into the deep seat of the fire, Health Minister Osbourne Bodden said.

Firefighters were again hampered by a lack of operational excavation and compacting equipment needed to dig up the trash pile to get to the seat of the fire.

Minister Bodden said government officials were meeting Wednesday morning to try and resolve ongoing maintenance issues at the landfill.

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  1. So Ozzie claims that he established a committee to seek solutions for the Georgetown Landfill. I have one big Question. Why does he need a committee to come up with solutions when he stated during his campaign that they already had realistic options for remediating the dump on site in GT? So what happened to these options, were you lying about them just to get elected Mr. Bodden? There are plenty of well know solutions to our dump issues, what you need to come up with is a way to pay for these options since you blew off the one that wouldn’t cost us anything. All this committee will come up with are solutions that Cayman cannot afford, but they will get paid well to do it. Why not start recycling right away, what’s the holdup on that at lease the new trash would be separated.

    Every time I drive past that place I swear I hear the time bomb actually ticking, these fires are just warnings to us that need to be heeded.

  2. is just too much for me to handle. Now Mr. Bodden who claimed during his Campaign to already have solution for remediating the GT dump is heading to Florida in March to see how waste management facilities work there. And in the meantime his committee tasked with finding a solution is currently working on a fix. Now this is the committee that he says he nor any politicians will sit on. Why is it that he has to go on this tour of Florida’s dumps for information the this so called committee is supposed to be providing. Also, Didn’t the PPM tour a bunch of dumps in the US during their last administration, why do we have to continue recreating the wheel while nothing gets done and the dump burns and leaches into the North Sound. We at least he admitted that nothing will start for two years, at which time I’m sure he will use it as another campaign promise.

  3. This same problem happened two months ago- and again, with the cruise ships and hotels downwind, in plain view of tens of thousands.
    Not a single thing has changed since then- still no equipment on site and no solution. Embarrassing at the least.
    Furthermore, with the Dart group put aside, does anybody wonder who else might have the initiative to take on such a project?
    Moral of the story- complacency.

  4. Michael – I think you may have underestimated Mr Bodden’s approach for removing the dump problem. Maybe it is in action now. This burning off is the way he plans to get rid of the entire dump, bit by bit; and it doesn’t affect anyone in Bodden Town so that is a good thing right?

  5. You may be right Mike, if burnt the fumes may not reach Bodden Town and only poison the rest of the Islands residents. This would be in line with his obvious goals of get rid if the garbage and protect Bodden Town.

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