LIME shake-up impacts 39 workers

Workers can “reapply” for roles with Ericsson

Telecommunications company LIME has laid off 39 staff after striking a deal to outsource some of its installation, repair and maintenance work to multinational firm Ericsson. 

LIME said all those who had lost their jobs, including 37 Caymanians and two work-permit holders, would have the “opportunity to reapply for roles with Ericsson.” 

The company is building its own team in Cayman, according to LIME. It is not clear, though, how many roles will be available in the new set-up or if the employees let go by LIME will be given priority over other qualified applicants. 

Julie Hutton, spokeswoman for LIME, said its employees were informed of the decision on Monday morning. She said it had been in the pipeline for some time and was a switch that the company had made successfully in other markets, including Barbados and Jamaica. 

She said the local staff who lost jobs had the skills and experience to do the same work for Ericsson and would be in prime position to get new jobs with the company. She did not know how many roles Ericsson would be creating. 

In a press release on Monday, LIME said it had entered into a “managed services agreement” with the Swedish company, effective March 8, in an effort to restructure operations and improve efficiency and service levels. 

It stated: “This agreement will see 39 members of LIME’s service support and delivery team separating from the company. As part of the agreement and to maintain employment levels, all of the impacted LIME employees will have the opportunity to reapply for roles with Ericsson which is building a new team here in Cayman to deliver services to LIME.” 

According to the press release, Ericsson will manage the external component of LIME’s fixed, mobile, Internet and data networks including installations, repairs and maintenance work. 

“This commercial decision is in an effort to improve both the service levels we provide to customers and the efficiency with which we do so,” said LIME’s CEO Bill McCabe. 

“When we consider Ericsson’s domain knowledge, economies of scale, network design, optimization and field maintenance, we are confident that we will be well positioned to provide service that is on par with best-in-class operators across the globe.”  

Ms. Hutton said the same change had been made in other countries in the region and the majority of staff laid off had found work with the new contractor. 

She said, “We are actually one of the last countries to go this route. Everywhere that this switch has taken place there has been an increase in customer satisfaction, which is what it is all about.” 


  1. Let’s hope that LIME also gives the call centre operations to Ericsson as that is where most of the frustration exists as it relates to poor customer service.

    It is not clear to me how this move will improve on the areas of frustration expressed by many LIME customers but I can see where it has the potential to save the company a lot of money in the long term.

    I for one will be terminating all of my nonessential LIME services before the end of the month.

  2. Have to definitely agree with Mack Boland on this. Have been with Cable wireless Lime from the day they opened doors on Cayman, but have since considered about change because of the in efficiency of the call center and poor customer service. Its the worse I have ever encountered. Don’t know if the change will do any better except save extra money for the company. Well lets see how many Caymanians will get their jobs back.

  3. It’s sounds like they decided to outsource it because of the low service levels they were getting internally and for the cost savings. Not much of a chance for the employees that got let go getting jobs with the new company if this was the case. From the comments it sounds like this Customer Service wasn’t that great. If there were some of them that were efficient I certainly hope they get jobs with the new company. But I’m sure they probably look at the whole team as less than efficient.

  4. lets watch what will happen—step one hire the caymanian—step 2 follow him around watch his every move–bam he makes a small mistake—step 3 sorry dude maybe you should volunteer and watch us step 4 ex pat hired.

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