Godet still has plenty of goals in the beautiful game

Martha Godet may have been a late bloomer in sports, but she has blossomed within the footballing community locally over the years.  

Godet currently chairs the Women’s Committee and is the director for the national women’s football program. She is also president of Elite Sports Club and takes her roles seriously, fully aware of the responsibility she shoulders. 

She knows firsthand what it was like growing up without football and that experience motivates her to ensure that any young girl or woman who wants to, is afforded the opportunity to play the beautiful game.  

“It is very demanding and a lot of commitment, but I feel good about investing my time in our community,” Godet said.  

“Football is my passion and my passion is seeing the beautiful game played by all. 

“Football, or I should say sport in general, has helped me to become a better individual. It teaches tolerance and kindness, opens the door for educational opportunities and it teaches discipline and helps to improve health. It also gears your thinking to overcome challenges, provides the courage to accomplish goals and instills confidence.” 

Godet noted that another bright side to being the director of the national women’s program is that she has been given the opportunity to work with the islands’ young people.  

“My hope is for them to become good ambassadors for these islands and good citizens,” she said.  

She observed that there is still much work to be done with sports in the islands.  

“We as a community are not putting enough emphasis and attention on our young people. It is important to work towards a future for our next generation, and of course, the discipline starts with us, the volunteers,” she said.  

“We are the teachers, and as such, we should always conduct ourselves as leaders and motivators for our kids.”  

Department of Sports Women’s Coordinator Merta Day said, “During Honoring Women Month, I am in awe of the women we have honored and so pleased that they have shared their stories with us.  

“The idea is for these women to share their stories to let the community know of their sacrifice and the reasons they have gone beyond the usual.  

“These women add a rich texture to our understanding of sporting history and it is important that their stories are around for their granddaughters, so that they will understand where we have come from, where we are today and where we hope to be tomorrow.”  

Day added, “Martha is a good indication of that progress. When she arrived on these islands, there was no structured women’s football program. Now she runs it. I think that is simply extraordinary.”  

Godet did not start playing football until she was well in her twenties. Growing up in Honduras, she watched her brothers, uncles and all her male relatives play. Even when she moved to the Cayman Islands aged 17, Godet did not pick up football, though she helped out at the gates and watched the games.  

Then the Cayman Islands Football Association started a women’s league and her brother-in-law, Greg Ebanks, wanted to start a women’s team for Scholars International. It was then that Godet made her football debut.  

She loved every millisecond of the practices and playing competitively beyond her expectations. She played as long as she could and even made the national women’s team to represent the islands in the Olympic qualifier in 2004.  

Godet works as manager of operations for Fidelity Bank. She has four children and her three sons and daughter have played at national team level.  

Seven years ago, she realized she needed to take a turn at coaching. “I let coach Greg Ebanks, technical director by then for Elite Sports Club know it was time for me to start transitioning from player to coach,” she recalled. 

And Ebanks, who now runs Elite boys’ and men’s programs, needed the help and gladly took it.  

“My goal is to dedicate my time completely to all aspects of growth in the women’s football program, where education is a priority,” Godet said. 


Martha Godet has contributed immensely to Cayman football. – PHOTO: RON SHILLINGFORD

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