Students win CUC essay competition

The winning students for Caribbean Utilities Company’s 2013 essay competition have been announced.  

Among the 17 stories submitted, judges awarded students, Josh Levy, 11, and Jordan Trickett, 12, first place. 

“I am delighted with the response we received to the essay competition. The students wrote passionately about the subject and clearly understand through their own research what life would be like without a reliable electricity service,” said CUC’s President and CEO Richard Hew.  

“It is interesting that very young minds within our community already have a true appreciation for the value of electricity and what it means to the ongoing growth and development of Grand Cayman,” he added. 

The competition launched in October and its theme was,“Electricity: It is more than poles and wires.” The students were asked to imagine that the island would be like without electricity for one week, and to describe what life would be like for the businesses, schools and at their homes during that week.  

Red Bay Primary student, Josh Levy came in first place in the primary school competition, followed by Calvert Ebanks from North Side Primary School, and Aaliyah Powell, also from North Side Primary, took third place. 

Primary school students receiving honorable mentions are: Tori Ann Gonez, Red Bay Primary School, and Dylan Whittaker, North Side Primary School.  

Montessori By the Sea’s high school student, Jordan Trickett won first place, Maia Thompson was given second place, followed by Kassidi Jackson. All three students attend Montessori By The Sea. 

The high school students receiving honorable mentions are: Samruddi Tagalpallewar of St. Ignatius High School and Bryce Towell of Montessori by the Sea.  

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