A friendly invitation to Google

Dear Google,

We really like what you’ve been doing to the Internet lately. And we want to see that innovation brought to the Cayman Islands.

Not just “that kind of innovation,” mind you, or “that kind of innovative thinking” — but your innovations, from your people, based right here in Cayman.
Consider this an invitation to come down any time and take a look at trying our country on for size.

You see, the Compass believes that Cayman possesses certain unique advantages that are ideally suited to this brave new world of unprecedented, accelerative technological progress.

For example, our size — three islands, 100 square miles, 55,000 people. Small enough for you to pilot-test cutting-edge products, but large enough for your employees to assimilate into the community.

We think you would fit in swell alongside the Dart Group, our major law firms and Big Four accounting firms. Consider:

Our demographics — In this respect we’re particularly big for our size, with 100-plus nationalities represented across the socioeconomic spectrum, but with an outsize population of professionals in the legal and financial services sectors.

Our Shetty hospital — If the name “Health City Cayman Islands” doesn’t immediately ring a bell, just search for it on … yourself. Our brand-new medical tourism facility — established by healthcare giants Narayana Health of India and Ascension Health Alliance of the U.S. — will launch Cayman to the forefront of medical technology and the healthcare industry. That doesn’t sound like a half-bad place for yourself to be, now does it? Even if you decide not to work directly with Health City, we believe their approach and experience provides a good example to follow in case you would like to set up shop here.

Our Special Economic Zone — Likewise with our Cayman Enterprise City. These are the people to talk to who can facilitate the business permitting process for activities you may want to conduct here, that don’t serve Cayman residents but people internationally — call centers, sales, finance, law … You know the drill — we envy Dublin for hosting one of your offices there.

Our lifestyle — Sun. Sand. Sea. First-world living conditions — that are on the up, especially if you and others take up our invitation. Other cities boast about short trips to the beach — well, here you can walk, bike, and, yes, drive if you like air-conditioning, to some of the best beaches in the entire world, and that’s objectively speaking, according to innumerable official-sounding lists. We’d be particularly pleased to see your Google Chauffeur–powered self-driving cars ferrying passengers to and from the white sands of Seven Mile Beach. (If you’ve got any self-driving submersibles, we’ve got beautiful coral, exotic fish and historic wrecks. While you’re down there, might you figure out how to remove a couple million invasive lionfish?)

Our taxes — Or lack thereof. Other countries and U.S. states may offer you economic incentives to locate facilities there — and Cayman will do that, too. But we’re also starting from a baseline of zero direct taxation. Cayman doesn’t want you here for a cut of your profits — we want your ideas, your brand and your people.

If we’ve piqued your interest and you’d like to know more, well, just email us or give us a call at the Compass, and we’ll introduce you to the proper officials.
Consider this letter our notice that Cayman isn’t just open for business, we’re actively seeking it out and welcoming it.

The Caymanian Compass


  1. Plus no volcanoes, tornadoes, earthquakes and we’ve already had our 100 year storm in Sept. 11, 2004, Hurricane Ivan. You’d love it, come on down, sun and fun. Water temp. is 82 degrees year round.

  2. I would like to propose to anybody with programming experience to participate in Google Code Jam (http://code.google.com/codejam), which is a programming competition run by Google. By coincidence, as it is run once a year, 2014 competition actually starts today at 6pm Cayman time. Sadly, in previous years, there were not many participants from Cayman Islands in this competition.

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