Road work under way

Drivers have faced delays as the Linford Pierson Highway undergoes road surface repairs. 

Sections of the highway are being removed and replaced to repair damages incurred over the years, according to the National Roads Authority. 

The NRA is removing sections of the hot mix asphalt driving surface with an asphalt rotor mill.  

The road was in serious need of repairs, said NRA acting managing director, Paul Parchment. 

“When this road was constructed in 2002, it was only given a 2-inch thick layer of hot mix asphalt. Within, say, four to five years, it should have had another 2 inches added to it to bring it to a total of 4 inches. That has never been done and the initial 2-inch layer, which is now 12 years old, is starting to show serious distress and this can only be expected to continue,” Mr. Parchment said. 

According to the NRA, asphalt milling and paving is a “cost-effective and environmentally friendly method” of repairing road surfaces that have begun to crack or sink due to heavy traffic loading, adverse weather conditions, or extensive structural damage to the underlying road surface layers.  

The NRA described the roadworks as an “early intervention technique” used to address the immediate defects of the pavement layer and to prevent significant structural damage to the base and sub-base layers of the roadway which would be more expensive and time consuming to repair.  

“The fact that we are having to remove these failed sections highlights the implications of not following the sound technical approach to spending limited road funds,” said NRA chairman Donnie Ebanks. 

“I’m sure that to many motorists there are roads that they see as being in a ‘worse condition’ than the [Linford Pierson] Highway. However, the only way to avoid the failure of more of the original hot mix asphalt layer, and in turn to have to remove it, is to address it now. It’s akin to leaving the ice ’n’ water shield on your roof too long, before you install the shingles of standing seam,” he added. 

The roadworks are being carried out between the Silver Oaks Roundabout and Bobby Thompson Way. The roads authority estimated that the new road surface should be in place by Tuesday, April 22.  

The NRA will be carrying out further road works on a smaller scale in Bodden Town, North Side, and East End in the coming months.  


Traffic is slow along the Linford Pierson Highway as the road surface is replaced. – Photo: SAMANTHA BONHAM

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