Campers leave beaches clean

The Easter holiday weekend brings people in droves to the local beaches and usually results in mounds of garbage being left behind. 

But this year, most of the popular camping sites were left clean and tidy after Easter Monday evening’s exodus. 

“I believe that people are now making more concerted efforts [to pick up trash] at least on the more popular beaches,” said Roydell Carter, director of the Department of Environmental Health.  

At beaches widely used by tourists and locals, including Seven Mile Public Beach, Spotts, Smith Cove and Governor’s Beach, there was no sign of any trash leftover from the long weekend. In previous years, garbage could be seen piled up or strewn across those sites.  

“The Department of Environmental Health placed large waste bins throughout Grand Cayman in each district for the public to use over the Easter holidays,” Mr. Carter said, adding, “It appears that the public made good use of the bins.” 

Mark Bothwell, acting general manager of the government’s Recreation, Parks and Cemeteries Unit, agreed. “From my understanding, the campers did a pretty good job cleaning up this year. Staff went out today [Tuesday] and no one has called to complain [about trash].”  

Mr. Carter said garbage bags were placed along the roads for collection and all bags would be picked up Tuesday, although he said he hoped that beach-goers and campers would have taken their garbage from the beaches and campsites. 

If anyone did leave trash behind, Mr. Carter said, “I would strongly encourage them to promptly return to their campsites to collect and bag their waste for removal, which can still be deposited in one of the large bins or be delivered to the landfill site for proper disposal.” 

Earth Day cleanups 

Beaches will nonetheless be undergoing a cleanup next weekend as part of Earth Day celebrations. Earth Day was officially April 22, but the Chamber of Commerce will host its annual Earth Day roadside cleanup on April 26, from 7 to 10 a.m.  

The Chamber is encouraging residents, schools, businesses and government agencies to form their own cleanup teams to help pick up trash along Cayman’s roads and on its beaches. All volunteers will be provided with latex gloves and garbage bags. On the same day, Cayman Islands Tourism Association members, DiveTech, Cayman Turtle Farm and Turtle Nest Inn will also conduct cleanups at Barkers, West Bay and Bodden Town. 

For residents interested in forming their own beach cleanup group, gloves and garbage bags are available from the Cayman Islands Tourism Association office on West Bay Road. 


Campers left Governor’s Beach the way they found it. – photo: SAMANTHA BONHAM

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