South Sound traffic death ruled misadventure

Maximum speed at which bend in road could be negotiated safely is 103 mph

A coroner’s jury returned a verdict of misadventure after hearing evidence this month about a collision on South Sound Road that resulted in the death of Corey Archibold Seymour, 21, on May 26, 2012. 

Police officers attended the scene at 4:20 a.m. after receiving a report of an accident. They observed a green truck and a gray truck in the vicinity of San Sebastian condominiums. 

Experts in reconstruction said the accident occurred when both vehicles were traveling west [toward Walkers Road] at a very high rate of speed. Both vehicles lost control and collided with a large almond tree before coming to rest in contact with each other. 

The trucks were traveling very close to each other, with Mr. Seymour’s green truck behind the gray truck. The trucks were attempting to negotiate a right-hand bend near the South Sound Cemetery. The bend has a critical speed of 103 miles per hour, which is the maximum speed at which the bend could be negotiated safely. 

The speed limit in that area is 30 mph. 

The gray truck reduced its speed to negotiate the bend; the green truck continued too fast and its front bumper collided with the rear of the gray truck, pushing it forward to the almond tree. When the gray truck hit the tree, the impact caused it to rotate counter-clockwise. The green truck then hit the tree, according to the expert witnesses. 

The jury heard that the road was in good condition and dry at the time. Lighting conditions were described as “fairly good.”  

One of the expert witnesses noted that Mr. Seymour had engaged his parking brake when his vehicle started to sideslip as he was trying to negotiate the bend. This was a wrong decision by an inexperienced driver because it compounded the sideways movement instead of correcting it. The side of the truck was exposed to collide with the tree on the sea side of the road. 

Pathologist Dr. Shrvana Jyoti said Mr. Seymour died of multiple blunt trauma injuries to the head, chest and upper extremities. 

Queen’s Coroner Eileen Nervik noted that a urine analysis was negative for all drugs, but other testing showed an alcohol-in-blood level of 0.06 milligrams in 100 milliliters of blood. This is below the legal limit of 0.10, she pointed out. 


Mr. Seymour


  1. Why would you write something as foolish as, The maximum speed at which the bend in road could be negotiated safely is 103 mph.?

    You must be aware that type of statement is both irresponsible and misleading. In a rated 30 mph zone you write such foolishness.

    What were you thinking when you put the word safely into that statement? That is a lie, to say a speed of 100 mph is safe anywhere on this island is false.

  2. Your definition of critical speed isn’t even correct. It’s basically the speed at which a vehicle will lose control on a curve, assuming they’ve followed the curve properly and are traveling at a constant speed in good condition and with good tire-friction. It has nothing to do with safety in the real world sense.

    Of course maybe your article will weed out some of the wannabe road racers around here who want to test the safe limit of that curve.

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