Sluggers swing for playoff run

A pair of perennial contenders have top billing on the diamond. 

Dart and the Tower Titans went through the regular season unbeaten in the 2014 Winter Adult Coed Softball League, put on by the Cayman Islands Little League Association. Tim Sullivan and 11-0 Dart – last year’s winners – topped the C League while Ryan Ebanks and 12-0 Tower were first in the A League. In an interesting quirk, league coordinator Alan Markoff is essentially promoting Dart to the B ranks by placing the squad in the B League playoffs as a sixth seed. In exchange, Kitti Chambers and the 1-11 Walker’s Warriors are demoted to the C division where they will be the fifth seeded playoff team. 

Aside from Tower, the top flight features Doug Harrell and defending champs KPMG A, 10-2, as the second seed, Lori Moncrieffe and 5-7 CNB in third, Jayson Gonzalez and 5-7 A.L. Thompson’s Hammers in fourth and Samantha McField and 2-10 Rhino Rebar in fifth. 

Erwin Freeland and YMCA We Got The Runs topped the B ranks at 9-3. Mark Wallace and the 8-4 Coors Light Chuggers finished second, Kenneth Davis and the 7-5 BritCay Premiums placed third, Ryan Pull and the 7-5 Lone Star Master Batters ended fourth, Charlie O’Neill and the 7-5 Home Gas Regulators were fifth, Chris Anton and the 6-6 Al La Kebab Hitmen were sixth. Donald Paddyfoot and 5-7 Delphi Geeks, John Marrs and 5-7 Deloitte, Marline Williams and 4-8 Maples Sluggers, John Alban and 2-10 Rackam’s Crabbies and Walkers round out the standings. 

Aside from Dart, the C League standings saw Benoit Ouellette and the 8-3 UBS Swingers in second, Rhys Ebanks and the 7-4 Digicel Dynamos in third, Tania Knapik and the 5-5-1 NCB Crushers in fourth and Jeffrey Gabriel and 3-4-4 Uniregistry in fifth. Troy Brady and 4-6-2 Intertrust, Darcy Rivers and 3-7-1 Bud Light and Wayne Griffith and 1-11 HSBC round out the table. 

League playoffs began this week at the Field of Dreams, featuring a doubleheader on Thursday. After Bud Light takes on UBS Swingers on field four at 6:30 p.m. in their regular season finale, Delphi takes on Deloitte on field three at 8:15 p.m. while Dart faces Crabbies on field four. 

The postseason lasts six weeks and wraps up on June 9. 


Troy Brady held his own for Intertrust.

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