Cyclist seriously hurt in collision with truck

A 50-year-old woman suffered serious head injuries after being knocked from her bike by a pickup truck as she cycled along a stretch of road in Savannah early Saturday morning. 

The woman was being treated in the critical care unit of the Cayman Islands Hospital where her condition was described as “serious but stable” on Sunday.  

A fellow cyclist was also hit by the Ford F250 truck in the incident close to Domino’s Pizza restaurant just after 6 a.m. Saturday. His injuries were not serious. 

“Two cyclists, male and female, were riding their bicycles, heading eastbound on Homestead Crescent when they were hit by a Ford F250 truck,” police said in a statement. 

Part of the road was closed to traffic for several hours following the incident as police accident investigators surveyed the scene. 

The back wheel of one bicycle looked to be severely twisted, and a helmet and clothing were scattered nearby. The second bicycle was intact, positioned wheels up close by. The white pickup truck was towed from the scene but did not appear to be significantly damaged. 

The female victim, who has not been named, was said to be well known on the recreational cycling scene. 

Former cabinet secretary Orrett “OC” Connor, part of the Daybreakers group of cyclists that meet for daily rides at 4:30 a.m., said she sometimes rode with the group.  

He said everyone in the cycling community was hoping she would be OK.  

He did not know the details of the incident on Saturday, but said cyclists are concerned generally about safety on the roads. 

“I think this highlights that we need to share the road. We tell our cyclists to be responsible and respectful, but cyclists have the right to use the road too. 

“I think perhaps drivers overseas have more appreciation that there are cyclists around. We all have to share the road.” 

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service asks anyone who witnessed the incident to call the Bodden Town Police Station at 947-2220. 



  1. There is no way I would ride a bicycle anywhere on this planet. I have seen the people that the governments give driver’s license to. I will say that if heaven is your destination then a bicycle will get you there faster than a truck.

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