Visitor had bullet in backpack

Man had firearm license in Kansas, but not in Cayman

A visitor from Kansas, USA, was fined $1,000 in Summary Court on Tuesday after pleading guilty to possession of an unlicensed firearm. The firearm was a .22 calibre bullet. 

The definition of firearm in the Firearms Law includes ammunition. 

A summary of facts presented by Crown Counsel Marilyn Brandt indicated that Lee Michael Horton, 33, arrived in Cayman on May 10, and was staying with a friend in South Sound. 

On May 12, he was at Owen Roberts Airport, planning to leave Grand Cayman for Cayman Brac. His carry-on bag was scanned and an object was seen that looked suspicious. A search of the backpack revealed the live .22 cartridge. 

Horton did not have a firearms license in Cayman. He did, however, produce a “concealed carry license” from the state of Kansas. The license was valid until October 2017.  

Horton explained that the backpack was one he used when he carried the firearm at home. Before his trip to Cayman, he had cleared out the bag, but somehow missed the round of ammunition, which was in a separate compartment in the backpack. 

The magistrate accepted his explanation and imposed a fine of $1,000. 


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