West Bay craft market on horizon

Plans are under way for a new West Bay craft market to help bring more tourists to the area, according the West Bay district committee that focuses on tourism and the environment.

The volunteer committee hopes to open the craft market on July 7 at the West Bay Heritage Field on Birch Tree Hill Road, committee chairman Creswell Powery told a town hall meeting in West Bay this week.

Mr. Powery said the site is ideal for a food and craft market as it is only used once per year. He is urging local craft makers and food vendors to get involved in the project.

“We would like to develop a visitors area where we can utilize the skills and knowledge of our senior citizens by enabling them to earn some extra dollars,” said Mr. Powery.

He stressed the importance of keeping Cayman traditions alive. “Our vision is to have a place where locals and visitors alike will be able, once again, to meet and talk with a born Caymanian because we are fast becoming an endangered species,” he said.

The committee also plans to create a website for West Bay, erect “nice signs,” and appoint “ambassadors” within the district.

The group, which was scheduled to meet with the Ministry of Tourism to discuss its plans Thursday, would like to create “a network of business partnerships” and “develop a community of cross selling” at the craft market.


  1. Hopefully folks will have to dig through tons of red tape to getting tb licenses or get charged Hugh fees. I think this is a great idea and can’t wait to go, this is something Cayman has been missing for a while. Please have some live music for people to enjoy.

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