Policeman guilty of soliciting bribes, breach of trust

A police officer was found guilty on Thursday afternoon on two counts of soliciting a bribe and two counts of breach of trust under the Anti-Corruption Law.

Elvis Kelsey Ebanks, who has 12 years of service as a police officer, had claimed that he had thought the money involved was a loan, not a bribe.

The offenses occurred in November 2012 after Ebanks responded to a report of a stolen cell phone. Its owner did not press charges.

The man who admitted finding the phone and keeping it subsequently told officers that Ebanks had asked him for money and threatened him with arrest and jail. The amounts involved were CI$115 and US$31 on Nov. 10 and CI$500 on Nov. 14.

Ebanks denied receiving any money on Nov. 10. He said the money he received on Nov. 14 was a loan the man offered to him and had nothing to do with the report about the cell phone.

The verdicts of the three-man, three-woman jury were unanimous.

Justice Charles Quin granted bail with conditions until sentencing, which he set for July 17.

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