Playoff schedule

Inclement weather pushed back softball playoffs for a week. 

Heavy rains led to flooding at the Field of Dreams and the Cayman Islands Little League Association was forced to reschedule its latest round of games in the 2014 Winter Adult Coed Softball League playoffs. Games resumed on Monday and a number of contests are planned for May 27-29. 

May 27 sees a late doubleheader at 8:15 p.m. as Tim Sullivan and Dart take on Erwin Freeland and YMCA We Got The Runs on field three while Furius Whelan and Rackam’s Crabbies challenge Alan Markoff and Coors Light Chuggers on field four.  

Dart lost its first postseason game to the Crabbies before eliminating the Home Gas Regulators. YMCA were upset by Deloitte before eliminating the Al La Kebab Hitmen. Rackam’s, the reigning B League winners, had a second playoff victory – defeating the BritCay Premiums. Coors Light beat Maples Sluggers in its only game thus far. 


Furius Whelan plays a big role in Rackam’s success. – PHOTO: MATTHEW YATES

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