Veterans donate physiotherapy equipment to hospital

The Cayman Islands Veterans Association has donated a new ice and compression unit to the physiotherapy department at the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority.

The Game Ready device, a portable Food and Drug Administration-regulated machine, can treat patients with sports injuries or undergoing post-operative care. It can also be used at sporting events, prison visits and urgent home care situations as needed.

Dr. Delroy Jefferson, Health Services Authority Medical Director, along with Physiotherapy Department Manager Rockella Smith accepted the donation. Among the association members who made the donation at the hospital recently was Evert Ebanks, Cayman Islands Medal of Honour recipient, who is one of only two remaining living World War II veterans.

“This machine is very versatile and can be used on the knee, wrist, hand and ankle which will help reduce swelling for patients post-surgery or for other soft tissue damage,” Dr Jefferson said in a press release issued by the Health Services Authority.

“We are delighted that this therapeutic machine is now available to physiotherapy patients,” Mr Ebanks said. “Equipment such as this will become more needed as patients age, so we think of this as donating something we are likely to use at some point in the future.”

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