Wedding dress duty: Clarification

Collector of Customs Samantha Bennett disputes elements of an article titled “Duty eliminated on visiting wedding attire” that ran on Page 1 of the Cayman Compass on Wednesday. She contends that the dress was not “confiscated” at any time by customs officials. She also disputes that customs officers demanded a $500 deposit on the dress, saying groom-to-be Scott McLean offered to pay a $500 deposit initially, but was told that was not necessary as the value of the dress had to be determined to assess the deposit that needed to be paid. A subsequent deposit of $67 was paid. However, Mr. McLean has told the Compass reporter that he considered the dress was “confiscated” when a customs officer removed the wedding dress from its protective bag and demanded a $500 deposit to allow the dress on island or face losing the gown. Upon paying the agreed $67 deposit, Mr. McLean left the airport with the dress.

Clearly, the Compass has two different, and conflicting, reports of the same event. We are pleased to present both, and allow our readers to decide.

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