CIBC-FCIB, Burger King score stunning upsets in Pony ranks

The Pony division playoffs in local Little League got off to a wild start.

Upsets were all the rage last weekend at the Field of Dreams. Red-hot Digicel, who had held the division champions Encompass to a tie, were beaten 8-4 by previously winless CIBC-FCIB while KPMG, scorers of over 100 runs this season, would be taken down by Burger King, 12-5.

Although CIBC-FCIB hit well initially, Digicel were in top form defensively and on offense Charles Gilman hit a solo homer to open the scoring with Nicholas Franklin driving in another for an early 2-0 Digicel lead. Zachary DaCosta scored for CIBC-FCIB but they left the bases loaded as Kazmir Burt’s drive was fielded cleanly. Digicel added two more to leave CIBC-FCIB up to bat in the third inning down 4-1. Rian Vivas got on base but was out at second before Lucio Cavallo hit his first homer of the season.

From there, Isaiah Whittaker ripped a double and Jacob Kelly-Johnson doubled to tie the game. The offense kept rolling until the bankers reached the maximum scoring output of seven runs allowed per inning. It was 8-4 as Digicel batted again. The first hitter made good contact but Rio Windsor got the out when a home run seemed likely and the next two Digicel batters struck out to seal the CIBC-FCIB win.

In the other game, Burger King relied on solid top-to-bottom hitting to keep the runners moving. The highlights were a home run from Nicolai Christian and some dazzling defence from Aiden Powery, Jackson MacKay and Johann Taylor. KPMG had some big hits from Louie Ch’ing, Leandre McKay, Ramon Rayos Del Sol and Connor Bell but each time there were no runners ahead of them.

Action continues on May 31 as CIBC-FCIB take on Encompass while Burger King play Green Light Re.

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